Funding Every Employee's Out-of-pocket Medical Expense


The #1 financial fear for Americans is an unplanned medical expense.


MedPut™ relieves this financial stress. 

Funding every employee's out-of-pocket medical expense

69% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings, while Health Insurance deductibles are inflating at a rapid rate.

MedPut™ provides immediate, low-cost financing for cash based medical expenses. Employees get access to the care when they need it, and employers control their healthcare costs through a healthier workforce. Employers gain flexibility offering HDHPs to employees, potentially realizing thousands of dollars of health insurance premia savings per employee.



How It Works

Sign Up

Employees sign up for MedPut™ through their employer

Upload Bill

Employees upload their medical bills via the dashboard

MedPut™ Pays Bill

MedPut™ audits, negotiates, and pays bills

Repay Loan

MedPut™ loan is repaid through small payroll deductions


Why MedPut™

For Employees:

  • Pay medical bills without depleting savings or incurring credit card debt
  • Save money by paying down a discounted medical bill
  • Repay loan over time

For Employers:

  • Flexibility to offer HDHPs that employees can afford to use
  • Have healthier employees who get treatment whenever needed
  • Save on overall medical expense

For Healthcare Providers:

  • Shortened revenue cycle time
  • Immediate liquidity due to bills financed by MedPut™
  • Improved patient satisfaction

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