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Top Cities with the Best access to Urgent Care Clinics in the US

With an estimated ten thousand clinics spread all over the United States, urgent care has come a long way to replacing traditional health facilities by offering patients easy access to services at lower costs as compared to emergency departments.     

Urgent care centers provide treatment services for minor conditions that are not life-threatening as well as conduct various imaging and blood tests. The lower costs of the urgent care centers and their easy accessibility have attracted many investors and individuals looking to reap from the profitable healthcare operations.    

With most of the urgent care clinics under the urgent care association of America, a particular criterion applies for all urgent care clinics to determine their practices. They include:    

  •    Urgent centers should accept all walk in during working hours.    
  •    Urgent centers should provide minor treatments and treat a full spectrum of injuries and illnesses.    
  •    All personnel operating an urgent care clinic must have the required license to operate.    
  •    Urgent centers should have an on site diagnostic tool, e.g. an x-ray machine.    
  •    An urgent care clinic qualifies as one if it’s open seven days a week.    

While urgent care centers are privately owned all over the United States, different cities have different access to the services. Some of the cities with the best access to urgent care include    

  1.    Los Angeles    

By combining clinical excellence and the accessibility or urgent care, Los Angeles enjoys the best access to urgent care. With many of the urgent care centers offering 24/7 services through virtual medical teams, the residents have a doctor on standby ready to treat your illness. Some of the best urgent care providers in LA include:      

  •    One urgent medical care    
  •    Hollywood urgent care    

 2.   Miami    

With one hundred and seven urgent care clinics distributed all over city of Miami, the residents in the city boast of fast services in the centers. Most of the surveys made reveal residents who not only enjoy the easy accessibility to the centers but love that the physicians are incredibly fast in taking care of their interests. Some of the best urgent care clinics in Miami include;        

  •    Baptist health medical plaza urgent care
  •    Baptist health Urgent Care university center.        


3. Chicago

In Chicago, the access to urgent care comes in much more simplified ways with many clinics enabling calling services where you can book an appointment via a phone call.     

  •    Med spring urgent care Lakeview    
  •    Michigan Avenue Immediate car   

4.   New York City

Being a big city, New York has significant population and hence a higher need for health care. With majority of the urgent cares open from morning to late evening and being distributed all over the city, residents enjoy convenience and quality services from the team of experts positioned in various centers with many surveys done revealing satisfactory comments about the services provided.     

5.   Dallas     

Residents in Dallas can access urgent care by booking appointments online and in many cases walk-ins at any of the 88 urgent clinics in the city. Most urgent care facilities in Dallas accept insurance cards, meaning people can get treatment services with their insurance cards. The centers here also have ambulances standby to get a patient wherever they are in the city and get them to the facility as fast as possible. Some of the best centers in Dallas include:    

  •    Med spring Urgent care        
  •    Methodist urgent care    

Apart from the cities mentioned above, other cities with the best access to urgent care according to a survey by urgent care Association of America include;        

  1.     Atlanta city that boasts 84 urgent care clinics.    
  2.    Phoenix-warren with 80 urgent care clinics.    
  3.     Houston city with approximated 74 urgent care clinics.    
  4.    Riverside –San Bernardino with 68 urgent care centers.

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