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Five Companies with Great HR Reputations

A company's most valuable assets are going to be their employees. As such, the human resources department of any company is going to be extremely important to the overall success of the business. The days where the HR departments just gathered applications and interviewed candidates are long gone. The HR department is responsible for planning the best strategies to recruit the best of the best when it comes to employees, designing and implementing incentive programs for the staff members who really excel and shine, and diagnosing and treating organizational problems. The modern HR department is the backbone of any successful business. Let's take a look at five companies with HR departments that really excel at what they do. 

5. Twitter

This tech giant is consistently ranked in Glassdoor's top places to work in the tech industry list. Last year, they were number two on that list. The tech company, that employs over 1,000 people, has an innovative HR department that focuses on promoting good work-life balance, which causes employees to admire the company culture. Twitter's HR department spends a lot of time training the people in their leadership positions so that the atmosphere of accessibility, transparency, and authenticity can be maintained making the company feel like a scrappy start-up while still being a major player in the tech industry. 

4. Nissan 

This auto manufacturer is doing HR in a truly revolutionary way compared to the rest of the auto industry. The pay scales at the company are completely transparent and managers have complete autonomy over creating and managing their teams. No one else in the industry does these things, but at Nissan it is the key to their production and manufacturing successes. Nissan was able to blend Japanese and British influences of manufacturing and productivity to form the key concept and philosophy behind Nissan, Kaizen, which is a philosophy that continually empowers the workforce to improve the way the job is done. 

3. SAS

Fortune magazine has named SAS the second-best place to work in the US in 2014. The company grounds are set-up like a college campus with greenways connecting the separate buildings. The campus offers employees recreation and fitness centers to help promote healthy living body and mind. The company is noted for cultivating a high-trust work environment and as a result have a very low turnover rate. SAS's HR department is seen as an innovator when it comes to addressing stresses and concerns that occur day-to-day, and creating one of the best workplace environments in the world. 

2. Cadbury 

The world's second largest confectioner is also great when it comes to dealing with people. Since they were founded in 1824, Cadbury has constantly striven to put their employees first. They have maintained active worker villages and R&D facilities since the time they first opened. The village offers employees and their families a comfortable place to live. Work-life balance has been a key tenant of the Cadbury HR philosophy since the 1800's. At Cadbury people are their priority. 

1. Google 

The tech giant is consistently ranked as the best place to work in the world by Fortune, Glassdoor, Mashable, and a number of other reputable publications. Google knows that with the right tools you can attract the best employees. Employees have access to a number of great things like a seven-acre sports complex, three separate wellness centers, indoor roller rinks, horseshoes, and so much more including over 100,000 hours of subsidized massages doled out each year to employees. The HR department's philosophy is that happy employees are more productive employees. This HR department is recognized worldwide for a reason. They cultivate a friendly, positive, working environment and they also excel at what they do. That is no coincidence.